Windy Day. Duet
Love Has Separated Us
Long Road. Duet
Yeart Of Glass. Duet
There Is Only One Instant
Two Stars. Duet
Love Will Not Lower A Flag
My Wealth. Duet
Russian Waltz. Duet
G.Matvejchuk. O Sole Mio
Vitas. Love While You Can
Felicita. Duet with N.Kadisheva
G.Matvejchuk. These Eyes
Vitas. Choose!
Vitas. A Wizard
This World Is Fine
Gleb. On a Long Road solo
Vitas. Bird of Happiness
G.Matvejchuk. Caruso
Vitas. Only You
Vitas. I'll Give You The World
G.Matvejchuk. Dark Eyes